Rule 5

5.1 The SET
A SET is each one of the parts into which a match is divided and the match goes to the winner over three SETS. In each SET a maximum of 11 holes are played and the winner of the SET is the player, single or pair, who is the first to win 6 HOLES out of the 11. So, in each SET, a minimum of 6 holes will be played (a 6-0 result) and a Maximum of 11 holes (a 6-5 result), each SET beginning at Hole 1.

5.2 When the SET ends
The SET ends when the single player or one of a pair wins their 6th hole. At this point the next SET begins and so on until the match is complete and all the established SETS have been played.

5.3 Starting the match
Lots are drawn to decide which player or pair will start and which balls they are to use.

In the case of pairs it will be decided which ball is to be played by each player throughout the whole match.
The player to start chooses:

  • Where the hole is to be placed
  •  In which direction to play (game line)
  • The distance to the hole from the starting point

Once the starting point is decided the ring hole will be placed on the ground with the entrance facing in the direction of the position of the numbers of the clock (in order from 1 o´clock to 11 o´clock) depending on the hole to be played.

A Score Card will be used

5.4 Practising during a game or when a game is interrupted
Practising is not allowed at any point once a Match has started and until it finishes.

5.5 Interrupting the game

During a SET the game must not be interrupted except in the following situations:

– Adverse weather conditions (dangerous lightning, hailstone or heavy rain…)
– The players agree to interrupt the game for a justified reason.

The game will recommence at the same point at which it was interrupted.

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