Rule 1

1.1 The Game

How to Play

The game is played as Match Play.
Two players take turns to hit the ball using a putter until it enters the Ring-hole or Cage-hole (from here on the Hole).

The Order of Play

The balls are played in the following order:
1-Blue, 2-Red, 3-Green, 4-Orange, throughout the entire game.

The Object of the Game

The game consists of winning the most holes, by getting any of a player´s 2 designated balls into the hole. The first player to get either of his balls into the hole (without coming out again) wins the hole.

The Match

The match is played to the best of three sets and each set is played to the best of 11 holes. The game ends when one of the players wins more than half of the sets in the game. Another alternative is to play a SHORT MATCH.

1.2 Behaviour Rules for Players.

All players are expected to play fairly and keep to the rules of the game.

To ensure others safety, showing consideration for others, playing at a reasonable speed and not distracting other players during the game.

To act with integrity, abiding by the rules, applying all penalties and being honest at all times during play.

1.3 Playing by the Rules

A player is obliged to admit breaking any rules when he does so and be honest in applying the subsequent penalties.

A penalty is applied when a Rule is broken by a player.

Penalties are applied in order to offset a possible advantage and can be of three types:

– Missing a turn
– Losing a hole
– Being disqualified

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